MERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC. Molding Technician Trainee in SOUTH JORDAN, Utah

LEARN HOW TO BECOME A MOLDING TECHNICIAN BY APPLYING FOR OUR MOLDING TECHNICIAN TRAINEE OPENINGS! This position provides entry level mold set-up services under the direction and supervision of a Technician and-or Supervisor. DAY TO DAY FUNCTIONS PERFORMED * Assists in mold changes and EOAT setup-verification. * Assists in set up of all auxiliary equipment related to the process. * Fills out and verifies set up check list. * Ensures valid processes on mold machines, auxiliary equipment, and robots. * Ensures that correct materials are utilized, safety checks are performed, and that room organization and cleanliness is maintained. * Ensures that all documentation is completed and filled out correctly. * Performs safety checks, assists in cleaning of molds, greasing and other various maintenance tasks. * Ensures that safety and housekeeping policies are followed. * Ensures that Molding MPS, GPS, QAP and standard operating procedures are followed. * Stores Molds and Auxiliary equipment in designated areas. * Stops production if there is a problem with the product, personnel safety or potential damage to the equipment and-or tool and process. * Performs other related duties and tasks as required. ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL-ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS * Lifting -- Not to exceed 50 lbs. -- local practice may apply. * Writing * Sitting * Standing * Bending * Vision * Color perception * Depth perception * Reading * Field of vision-peripheral * Fine motor skills * Noise * Chemical vapors * Soldering fumes SUMMARY OF MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS * Education equivalent to a high school diploma and one year of manufacturing experience. * Minimum of 6 months of molding experience. * Ability to read and understand written instructions. * Ability to follow oral instructions. * Detail oriented. * Good manual dexterity and the ability to perform manual tasks requiring some fine motor skills. * Demonstrated human relations and effective communication skills. * Demonstrated computer skills preferably spreadsheets, word processing, database and other applicable software programs. COMPETENCIES * Ability and desire to learn and retain key information about the molding process and production parts. * Coachable and trainable with the ability to receive constructive criticism * Attention to detail blue print-schematic comprehension * Machine tool usage * Equipment-tooling set-up * Mold cleaning-greasing-changes * Part documentation-maintenance * Molded parts parameter processing COMPANY HISTORYMerit Medical Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ, MMSI) was founded in 1987 by Fred P. Lampropoulo. Merit develops, manufactures and markets single-use medical devices primarily for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular and vascular disease. Merit has been successful in introducing and marketing innovative, high-quality products through its expertise in new product design and its capabilities in injection and insert molding of plastics; the application of its proprietary electronic and sensor-based technologies; and wire, extrusion and catheter technologies. Merit also develops and markets embolotherapeutic products for the treatment of uterine fibroids, hypervascularized tumors, and arteriovenous malformations. Embolotherapy procedures are primarily performed by interventional radiologists and use bioengineered microspheres to create targeted vascular occlusion and drug delivery. The Company is utilizing its competitive advantages and technologies to develop and offer products that address a wide range of needs related to cardiology and radiology procedures performed in hospitals. Sales are made primarily to U.S. hospitals through a direct sales force. The Company markets its products in over 60 coun... For full info fol