GCP Applied Technologies Maintenance Engineer in Ezhou, China


Job Description: 1. Responsible for making and implementing preventive maintece plan. 2. Compile sheet and SOP of equipment, establish and maintain TPM system. 3. Check the result of spot-inspection and assist manager to do some management work. 4. Analyses defaults, and make planning maintece scheme to decrease downtime rate. 5. Make plan for monthly spare parts, and manage spare parts stock. 6. Persistent improving and lowdown repair cost, increase equipment efficiency. 7. Assistant for selection, installation, debugging, and checking in all project tasks.

Required Skills: 1.Good English reading and writing skills (including the technical vocabulary). 2.Good PLC programming skills. 3.High work responsibility, team cooperation. 4.Good communication skills. 5. it's better if knows lean/Kaizen, Visual management, CAD.

Required Experience:1.More than 3 years work experience in position of maintenance in foreign company. 2. University or College Level major in Mechatronics or Electric Automation.