Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Construction Technician II - Hartington in Hartington, Nebraska

DESCRIPTION: If unable to fill at the Highway Construction Technician II level, will consider applicants at the Highway Construction Technician I level at $13.51/hr. Applicants hired at this level do not have to possess an Associate's degree or meet the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) course requirements. EXAMPLES OF WORK: Testing work includes: Perform or assist with standard tests on Portland cement concrete, asphaltic concrete, soil, aggregate and other construction material for conformance to specifications, and maintain automated records. Perform tests such as slump tests, entrained air content tests, and unit weight tests on Portland cement concrete. Perform soil tests using nuclear gauge to measure density and moisture content, use balloon volume measures, scales and heating devices to calculate the density and moisture content of soil. Inspection work includes: Inspect contractors' work on construction projects including checking grades and elevations, and collecting, recording measurements, and maintaining automated records. Observe transportable and stationary scales to weigh contractors' trucks containing materials used in highway construction such as concrete, hay for mulch, asphalt, and gravel. Inspect earthwork and removal operations. Read construction plans to understand dimensions and information shown and apply the information to the inspection of projects. Survey work includes: Participate on a highway construction survey crew responsible to utilize construction plans, blue top data, and cross section data to stake locations at highway construction sites. Reduce survey notes and plot cross-sections. Measure elevations using a survey rod and level, measure long distances using a measuring chain, and measure short distances using a tape measure or electronic measuring equipment. Make standard computations, operate transit, total station, and/or level. Cut and clear tree brush to clear a line of site to complete surveying. Measure and set benchmarks for elevation. Participate on a preliminary survey crew to collect data from the field for use in design of highway plans. Record field notes in logbooks. Complete routine and general maintenance of equipment. Load and unload materials, equipment and supplies. Operate snow removal equipment to assist State Maintenance.