Jacobs ESSSA Group Senior Systems Engineer, SLS Booster V&V #ASD00228Q in Huntsville, Alabama

This job was posted by https://joblink.alabama.gov : For more information, please see: https://joblink.alabama.gov/ada/r/jobs/2388048 This opportunity will provide systems engineering, vehicle integration, and requirement verification and validation support to the Systems Requirements and Verification Branch/EV73 for the Space Launch Systems (SLS) Booster Element Office and the MSFC Systems Engineering and Integration Division (EV70).The successful candidate will coordinate and interface with SLS Booster Element Chief Engineer (CE) and the Element Lead Systems Engineer (ELSE) for Booster as well as participate in reviews, meetings, working groups, task teams, and trade studies.Systems engineering support that will be provided and performed includes the following: Provide Verification &Validation (V&V) planning, coordination and integration for booster, spacecraft, and integrated vehicle systems. Provide insight/oversight of Booster Element products and activities related to systems engineering, vehicle integration, systems integration, verification and validation (V&V), and other systems engineering functions throughout project life cycle (qualification, acceptance and certification) and represent the Booster Element in Level 2 Vehicle Systems Level V&V discussions. Develop approaches and methodologies for implementation of Booster V&V planning and other systems engineering topics including development and management of the associated detailed verification objectives through verification closure. Communicate issues, best practices, lessons-learned, and other technical positions related to systems engineering with associated recommendations during the design process. Support validation activities by developing and integrating the Booster Element pre- and post-flight validation requirements with the vehicle system and planned Integration, Test, Checkout, and Post-Flight Data analyses and reporting include the development and management of Post-Flight evaluation plans. Coordinate and integrate with requirements engineering, design integration, and other systems engineering functions as well as the Booster Element Office (BEO) to ensure adequacy of the V&V approach for development of successful compliance against requirements. Supply leadership and/or support for the development of key systems engineering products for Booster, in support of program/project milestones as well as support subsequent activities where these products are assessed and matured. Serve as a Change Package Engineer (CPE) on behalf of BEO by reviewing and assessing proposed Level 2 and Level 3 engineering changes to data such as verification compliance reporting, flight evaluation planning, off-nominal design verification and certification, and/or validation reporting. CPE responsibilities include providing a technical recommendation of the proposed change and its impact to the Booster and providing a short briefing to the Booster Element Boards as needed. Serve as the Risk Manager for the Booster Element by identifying, communicating, and documenting potential risks related to the products, processes, and interactions in the systems engineering process.A BS degree in Aerospace, Mechanical, Propulsion, or a related engineering field or discipline from an ABET accredited institution. Typically, educational requirements are the equivalent of a BS with at least 20 years of relevant experience in systems engineering and integration experience associated with launch vehicle functional design and integration.