Southern California Edison Hydro Electrician & Instrument Control Technician (6404) in Kernville, California


Inspects, tests, services, repairs and installs indicating, recording and automatic control instruments such as flow - meters, pressure gages, thermometers, controllers, regulators, chlorinators and similar components. Maintains, repairs and installs computerized control systems both hardware and software components . Following general diagnostic and characteristic instructions, locates cause of defective performance of digital and analog logic control systems and equipment. Reports test findings to his immediate supervisor and replaces or repairs electronic, pneumatic, or mechanical component parts as required. Uses portable pressure gages, manometers, potentiometers, conductivity bridges, signal generators, oscilloscopes and similar test equipment. Performs preventive maintenance including cleaning and lubricating parts, fitting shafts and bearings, cleaning and adjusting timers and contacts, replacing defective electrical and pneumatic parts and wiring, installing and repairing tubing, adjusting and calibrating instruments, and repairing various electronic and pneumatic components associated with the maintenance of digital and analog control systems, and similar system control instrumentation. Analyzes and replaces or recalibrates faulty component parts as required. Tests, reads meters, records data and prepares reports as required. Installs and maintains electrical equipment in station and allied properties, Test and inspects generators, synchronous cables, capacitors, other electrical apparatus used in generation, transmission, and distribution. Performs high voltage and power factor insulation tests. Tests the synchronizing and phase rotation of generators. Tests for and locates faults on control, power, and lighting circuits; potential and current transformer and switchboard wiring; motors and starters; and similar devices on AC and DC circuits. Works on energized electrical equipment using required personal protective equipment and/or live line tools as directed and instructed. Performs general cleaning and housekeeping duties.

Tests Required: 2178, 5105

Work Unit: Hydro

Work Location: Kern Area Production

Shift: Day 4/10 workweek

Number of Positions: 1

Testing Information: Employees who are identified to continue in the selection process will be invited to test via-email and are encouraged to immediately begin preparing for any tests required in this job posting. Please go to to determine if there is a study guide for this test.

Prerequisites: Must pass all required tests. Candidates must be available to test during the following timeframe: 4/9/2018 -4/20/2018

SCE is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, protected veteran status or any other protected status.

Knowledge of:

Basic power plant systems and their operation. Electrical and pressure instruments and devices as used in complex analog and digital control systems and functions of their component parts as related to power plant systems, and Transmission Distribution equipment. Tools, methods, materials and techniques used in repair, adjustment and testing of these systems, including computerized tooling and nterface hardware and software. Theory of electricity, mechanics and instruments as related to installation and maintenance of electrical equipment. Materials, methods, practices and tools used in installation and maintenance of transformers; oil switches, regulators, motors, generators, switchboards and allied equipment. Principles of Physics and advanced mathematics, County and State Electrical Code; commercial or industrial wiring; proper and safe use of cleaning agents. Safety rules and regulations, first aid procedures, environmental regulations and procedures as they apply to the work site.

Ability to: Detect and correct faulty instrument and control device operation. Install instruments for special studies and tests. Inspect, overhaul, repair and calibrate instruments and control devices. Read, interpret and work from electrical and mechanical diagrams. Analyze problems involving logic as related to overall control process. Apply electrical theory to practical applications as encountered in power plant and substation maintenance. Read, interpret, and modify blueprints, specifications and wiring diagrams. Work safely on and around high voltage energized equipment. Perform heavy manual labor; work on towers, ladder, scaffold and/or platform and racks as necessary. Proficient in computer software systems and communication protocol. Perform switching checker duties during switching operations, and performs switching operations as directed.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job are of a level comparable to those normally acquired through courses taken in obtaining a high school education, additional technical study, and knowledge of complex digital and analog control systems and equipment; plus background experience normally attained in a similar technical field or journeyman electrician. Maintain a valid California Class C Driver’s License.

Job Hydro Generation

Title: Hydro Electrician & Instrument Control Technician (6404)

Location: US-CA-Kernville

Requisition ID: 71020791