Hal Leonard LLC Floating Maintenance Mechanic in Winona, Minnesota

PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Floating Maintenance Mechanic, under general supervision, is responsible for performing a wide variety of general maintenance and custodial work in multiple work location, including snow removal, machine inspection, machine repair, and preventative maintenance of all machines in both buildings as needed. This includes all material handling equipment in all building. Will help fill in with custodial work when needed ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Preventative Maintenance and Repair this includes inspecting, operating, dismantling, testing of equipment to diagnose machine malfunctions, using the needed tools to repair, and reassemble upon completion. Help with Making P.M list for certain machine when needed. a. Printing Equipment. This includes single-color and multicolor presses as well as . Digital print machines in the future. b. Bindery Equipment. This includes folders, cutters, stitchers, trimmers, shrink wrappers, book collators, paper drills, power lifts and laminating machines. c. Photo Equipment. This includes plate processing equipment. d. Shipping/Receiving Equipment. This includes, Power lift trucks, and automatic pallet wrapping machines. e. Building Equipment & Systems. This includes the track system at 1210 building when needed. HVAC system at both buildings when needed. 2. Diagnose mechanical problems and determine how to correct them, 3. Get information this may involve observing, receiving, and otherwise communicating to obtain needed information from all relevant sources to complete the task at hand. 4. Inventory machine spare parts, needed to assure minimum downtime. Will also help with keeping product inventory correct. 5. Monitor machine activity make sure they are running and get involved if they aren t to identify what you need to do. 6. Daily review and manage the maintenance list to complete tasks in a timely fashion and keep the team abreast when issues arise that impact this. 7. Work closely with machine operators and management team to ensure workflow meets production needs and follow up on machine status. 8. Utilize proper safety precautions to avoid injury to self and others. This includes wearing common PPE as per policy, or OSHA guideline and following LOTO procedures. Will also help with LOTO program to make sure up to date with machines 9. Responsible for maintaining clean and organized work area. 10. Regular attendance is an essential function of this position. 11. Performs other duties apparent and will also help with custodial work when shorthanded. THIS JOB POSTING WILL CLOSE ON MARCH 20, 2018